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Recent Reviews of Stratus Building Solutions


"Jared and his team are very responsive when there are any issues. They are also proactive in trying to identify issues before you realize there is a problem. Excellent customer service!" Don. D about Stratus Building Solutions of Utah, Google +

"Wow! Stratus does a great job." Shane R. about Stratus Building Solutions of Utah,

"I love Stratus Building Solutions! Their customer service is the best, they continuously follow up to make sure we are happy and satisfied. I recommend them to everyone!" Natalie A. of Stratus Building Solutions of Los Angeles,

"Really good prices. Way more professional than our other cleaning services and they do a great job." Dylan A. about Stratus Building Solutions of San Diego,

"We've been using Stratus for almost two years now and are very happy.  They are very fairly priced, and extremely responsive to any questions or issues should they arise.  The opportunity to complete a monthly questionnaire works as a great reminder to think about how things are going.  I will say that we've had two different franchisees and far prefer the second, so it does require asking for the kind service you want to get it." Matt H. about Stratus Building Solutions of San Diego,

"This cleaning company is great, reliable and affordable. We have used them for years." Jamie S. about Stratus Building Solutions of Denver, Google+

"Stratus is a great company nice people and very dependable." Eddie M. about Stratus Building Solutions of Denver, Google+

"We are a residential cleaning company and Stratus does the cleaning at our office space (common area), cleaning the hallways and bathrooms. They are very responsive whenever there are any issues (which are rare). The people are friendly. They do a fantastic job!" Noriko C. about Stratus Building Solutions of Colorado Spring, Google+

"I think our Stratus representatives take really good care of our clinic. Since we are a hospital, we really need things to be clean around here. Angela, our personal caretaker, is responsive and quick to think up solutions when there is a an issue. Good system all around." Michele M. about Stratus Building Solutions of Colorado Springs, Google+

"To be honest I don't think about our janitorial service anymore, it is just done right the first time and I have no need to pick up the phone and get someone back out, its clean and completed when it is scheduled." John A. of A-1 United, about Stratus Building Solutions of Nebraska, Google +

About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning service franchise company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial service, building cleaning and office cleaning services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Coronavirus cleaning services and disinfection services available.

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