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Top Ten Ways to Fight the Office Flu


Check List for Fighting the Office Flu:

  • Try not to touch elevator buttons with your fingers, use a tissue or a piece of your clothing instead 

  • Use a paper towel to open and close doors, especially the bathroom door (faucets, too). 

  • Keep your office kitchen clean

  • Avoid your colleagues’ keyboards and phones. 

  • Office materials – Copier machine, shared books, pens, staplers, etc. 

  • Prevention is key – Get a flu shot!!! It’s not too late! Many offices provide flu-shots in-house. It takes approximately two weeks for protection provided by the vaccination to begin. 

  • If you feel run-down and sick, stay home from work! People are most contagious during the first 2–3 days of contracting a cold and about 5 days after being infected with the flu – even before symptoms develop. 

  • Wash your hands with hot water for 20 seconds with soap, several times a day, especially following contact with the top office hot spots. 

  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, or rubbing our nose. 

  • Relax — stress can decrease immunity. 

  • Drink more water! Decrease sugar intake. Get more sleep. Take Vitamin C and D. 

  • Purchase new pens to replace old, as pens are laden with germs. 

  • Have cleaning wipes on hand to help employees keep germs under control between professional cleanings. 

  • Use hand sanitizer to battle back against sharing germs when shaking hands, sharing documents, eating together at company lunches, etc. 

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