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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services in Calgary, AB

High levels of traffic take their toll on your workplace floors, and the results are dull and dingy finishes that look don’t look right in the workplace. It sends the wrong message to your customers and workers if a simple task like cleaning the floors isn’t taken care of regularly. When your office needs professional hard floor cleaning services in Calgary, AB, the simple step is to reach out to us at Stratus Building Solutions.

Trust us to provide our innovative cleaning solutions to every type of hard surface floor from vinyl and concrete to tile and marble. We are also skilled and proficient at taking care of difficult grout surfaces.

The Floor Cleaning Services You Need

Most workplace floors are covered with several thin layers of wax which are easily buffed for a high-gloss look. But mechanical buffers and polishers take their toll on the finish over time, and it needs to be removed and replaced to protect the floor underneath. Our regular maintenance services keep your floors looking their best year round.


Our first step towards renewing your floors and restoring a dazzling shine is getting rid of the older layers of wax. When your office needs commercial floor waxing, we get down to the basic floor and work our way up from there.

By using fast-acting, deep penetrating chemicals that strip old finishes, we prepare the floor for recoating. The next step sees the application of a new polymer-based finish to provide a shield layer and make maintenance much easier. This process gives your floor a high-gloss finish that lasts and makes any room look sparklingly clean.

Professional Floor Care with Results

The difference between a clean floor and one which needs to be cleaned is readily apparent visually, but it’s also clear when you need to clean one. This is our way of saying that regular commercial floor cleaning provides a surface which looks great and is easy to work with. A professionally cleaned floor holds a shine and is quicker to clean, so there is less disruption in the operations at your workplace.

Our highly trained experts use the latest methods and cleaning technology to renew even the dullest and dirtiest floors. The equipment we use is easy on floors and requires 90% less water and detergents than traditional cleaning methods. This technology, minimal amounts of water, and fewer harsh chemicals combine to offer eco-friendly [Link to: Green Services] hard floor cleaning. Let us get your workplace looking its best.

Contact us to request a free quote for our services. We proudly serve customers in Calgary, AB, and the surrounding area.

About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning service franchise company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial service, building cleaning and office cleaning services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Coronavirus cleaning services and disinfection services available.

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