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We clean a wide variety of commercial buildings, see why Stratus stands out.
Stratus is the solution for all of your business cleaning needs.
Industry leading green business cleaning services to keep your facility healthy.
Your carpets take a beating, rejuvenate your facility with fresh, clean carpets.
We will make your floors shine like new with our commercial hard floor care services.
Reliable cleaning services for the last item on your list.
Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning and Sanitation, OSHA, JCAHO and Bloodbourne Standards.
Join the Industry Leader in Green Commercial Cleaning Services.

Green Clean Services | Stratus of Dallas / Fort Worth

Green Services

Stratus Building Solutions offers the distinctive Stratus Green Clean program at no additional cost with all of our janitorial service contracts. Since 2009, Stratus has extended this green office cleaning benefit to clients after originally creating it to compliment Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design projects (LEED) and the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. After extensive research, we realized it was in the interest of our franchisees, customers, and the environment to make this our standard.

Protecting Your Facility

Cleaning products are major contributors to indoor air quality issues in closed environments. Many products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which may cause respiratory irritations, headaches, and other symptoms. These negative effects should be taken into particular consideration when children and those with already compromised immune systems are exposed, such as in places like daycares and dialysis centers. Therefore, all Stratus materials, processes, and equipment are selected for their environmental attributes. Other reasons why Stratus Building Solutions helps customers adopt green janitorial services include:

  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Government Regulations
  • Corporate Mandates
  • Waste/Cost Reduction
  • Increased Recycling/Compliance
  • Employee and Public Relations
  • Desire to Help the Environment

Certified Cleaning Specialists

All of our business owners and their employees go through an extensive two-week training program, both on- and off-site and are certified to assure their expertise in Stratus Green Clean procedures including:

Handling Chemicals for Minimal Impact

  • Reduce, Minimize or Eliminate Chemicals and Solid Waste
  • Proper Treatment of waste and Recycling
  • Disinfection
  • Standards of Care for all Types of Commercial Facilities

Stratus Green Cleaning Chemicals

  • Green Seal Certified:
    •        Non-Toxic
    •        Biodegradable
    •        No-VOCs
    •        No Known Carcinogens
    •        Fragrance-Free
    • Certified Effective to Other Competing Cleaners
    • Dilution Control System to Minimize Waste
    • Use of Proper Amount (Avoiding Overuse)
    • Color Coded to Match Microfibers to Prevent Cross-Contamination
    • Healthier for Your Employees, Customers, and Cleaners

Green Cleaning Tools

  • Stratus Green Clean materials, processes, and equipment are selected for their health and environmental attributes:
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths and Mops
  • Microfiber Attracts and Traps Dirt to Remove it from Your Facility Completely
  • Eliminates Nearly All Bacteria and Contaminants that are Trapped by the Ultramicrofibers
  • Low Water Use on Flooring
  • Color Coded to Reduce Cross-Contamination Risks
  • HEPA Vacuums
  • Back-Pack Vacuum with 4-Stage HEPA Filter
  • Microfilters and Micro-Tex filters Remove Hair, Pollen, Dust, Mold, and Most Bacteria Particles Down to 0.1 Microns with 99.99% Efficiency
  • Our Additional Green Processes
  • UVC Sanitizing Wand
  • At an Additional Cost, Add Our Deep Sanitation Services using UV-C Light
  • Reaches Those Difficult Spots like Keyboards
  • Chemical-Free, Odorless UV-C Light Sanitizes Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, and Dust Mites
  • Other Green Tools, Materials, and Processes
  • 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Janitorial Utility Cans and Mop Buckets
  • Post-Consumer Recycled Paper Products for Kitchens and Restrooms
  • Paperless Proposals and Invoice Systems
  • Creating a Specific Green Cleaning Plan for Your Facility
  • Care for the Entire Facility and Your Needs
  • Recycling Systems and Waste Removal
  • Identification of Sources of Contamination and Pollution

Comprehensive Green Office Cleaning Services in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

A clean office or workspace shouldn’t come at the cost of exposure to harsh chemicals and overpowering smells that linger. Not only do these products create an artificial atmosphere with cloying scents which can trigger allergies, but they also have a negative impact on the environment in general. In addition, hazardous cleaning solutions washed down drains eventually make their way through the water system where they are suspected of causing havoc with wildlife and plants, not to mention seeping into the groundwater itself.

To protect the health and wellness of your employees and customers, as well as the environment, turn to Stratus Building Solutions for green office cleaning services in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX. We are industry leaders in providing environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions for many types of businesses.

Get a true cleaning for your commercial space when you let us handle the task. With the products we use, there are no filmy surfaces in cleaned areas or other residues you may find from other products. Our green janitorial services provide thoroughly clean and hygienic areas for your staff and customers to access and enjoy.

Changing with the Times

What was once acceptable in all circles, like smoking in an office, would be shocking today. Times change, and our approaches to things change along with them. It’s no different when it comes to cleaning an office; no one is going to use paint thinner to strip wax off a floor. The time has come for green products everywhere. Eco-friendly office cleaning is the way to go, so let us go with you.


Contact us to explore all of the ways we embrace green cleaning for offices and other commercial locations. We proudly serve the Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, area.


Stratus for All Your Business Needs

With customizable cleaning options and competitive rates, Stratus services a large range of clients, from schools, medical offices, shopping centers, warehouses, dealerships, religious centers, professional offices, daycares, retail stores, gyms and more.

Services Provided

  • Commercial Janitorial Services
  • Medical Grade Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Restroom Sanitization
  • Pressure Washing
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleans
  • Day Porter Services

Stratus Green Clean Chemicals

  • Green Seal Certified (GS-37)
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Known Carcinogens
  • No VOCs
  • Reduced Chemical Waste
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

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1 day ago
Good and productive place to work with a lot of room for opportunity. This company is a very fast paced company that gives their employees opportunities.
Rachel Frazier
Rachel Frazier
1 day ago
Best commercial cleaning service in Dallas!
Kathy Witmer
Kathy Witmer
4 months ago
Love my team ! My gym always looks and SMELLS so nice! They go above and beyond and always - fast friendly and efficient - I recommend their services to all my fellow franchisees
Shaun Butterworth
Shaun Butterworth
10 months ago
Great Service and attention to detail!

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Stratus provides businesses with the most comprehensive green cleaning options in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Janitorial franchise opportunities available.

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