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Customized Business Cleaning Services
Customized Commercial Cleaning Solutions
Provide a Healthier Environment for Your Customers and Employees
The Stratus Difference - Provide a Healthier Environment for Your Customers and Employees
The Stratus Difference
Provide a Healthier Environment for Your Customers and Employees
Professionalism Quality and Reliability - Meeting your Facility's cleaning needs is our priority
Meeting your facility's cleaning needs is our priority.
Professionalism, Quality and Reliability
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Stratus of Hawaii Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services



Facilities Serviced
We clean a wide variety of commercial buildings, see why Stratus stands out.
Commercial Cleaning and Day Porter
Stratus is the solution for all of your business cleaning needs.
Green Cleaning Services
Industry leading green business cleaning services to keep your facility healthy.
Carpet Cleaning
Your carpets take a beating, rejuvenate your facility with fresh, clean carpets.
Hard Floor Care
We will make your floors shine like new with our commercial hard floor care services.
Post Construction Cleaning Services
Reliable cleaning services for the last item on your list.
Medical Facilities Main
Medical Grade Commercial Cleaning and Sanitation, OSHA, JCAHO and Bloodbourne Standards.
Disinfection Services
Ideal for high-traffic businesses and those facilities serving vulnerable populations.
Franchise Information
Join the Industry Leader in Green Commercial Cleaning Services.

Stratus for All Your Business Needs

Stratus for All Your Commercial Janitorial Needs

With customizable commercial cleaning options and competitive rates, Stratus services a large range of clients, from schools, medical offices, shopping centers, warehouses, dealerships, religious centers, professional offices, daycares, retail stores, gyms and more.

Services Provided

Business Cleaning Services Provided

  • Commercial Janitorial Services
  • Disinfecting Services
  • Medical Grade Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning 
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Move Out Cleans
  • Day Porter Services
  • Coronavirus Cleaning Specialists

Stratus Green Clean Chemicals

Stratus Green Cleaning Chemicals

  • Green Seal Certified (GS-37)
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • No Known Carcinogens
  • No VOCs
  • Reduced Chemical Waste
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Full-Service Commercial Cleaning Company in Honolulu, HI

When environmental health and company cleanliness are both priorities for your business, call Stratus Building Solutions of Hawaii. We offer a wide range of services to keep your property pristine while also observing eco-friendly standards and using our carefully-designed green chemicals. As an experienced commercial cleaning company in Honolulu, HI, we have you covered with methods that provide a healthier environment for your customers and employees.

When you choose us, you gain access to a fully customizable service plan that allows you to get exactly what you need--and only what you need. Put the days of overpaying for unnecessary services behind you and ensure that every inch of your space gets specialized attention. With our team on your side, a complete clean is only ever a call away.

High-Tech Solutions, Streamlined Service

Modern businesses deserve the best in cleaning technology. That’s why our janitorial services feature some of the most innovative methods in the industry today. From our microfiber cloths that reduce the need for cleaning chemicals to our UV-C light wands for disinfection and HEPA filters on vacuums to collect allergens, we employ every advantage to get you unmatched results.

The difference shows, both in our reputation for excellence and the space we leave spotless. Thoroughness isn’t the only advantage our advanced equipment provides. We also get the job done faster, boosting your efficiency while maintaining our strict standards for cleanliness.

The right tech doesn’t work without the right team however, which is why we also invest in some of the most skilled and professional commercial cleaners around. Every Stratus team member is attentive, friendly, and shares our company-wide passion for exceptional results. Merging innovative methods with high-tech means is just one of the many things we do to serve our customers as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Your Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

In the business world, versatility is everything. There’s always a new situation to adapt to, and how well you can apply your tools and talent in any circumstance is the factor that determines success. This principle remains true in our work, and it’s why our business cleaning services are so expansive. We want to provide certainty for every customer--the complete assurance that we’re prepared for any challenge.

One way we accomplish this goal is by working with a wide range of industries. From hospitals to warehouses, we teach our team to tackle the specific challenges that each of our clients faces. That means personalized cleaning care with the convenience of a single call for multiple types of properties.

Another advantage you can count on with Stratus comes in the form of our sheer diversity in terms of the individual services we offer. Each service we add makes our commercial cleaning company a better match for the complex markets we serve. You can turn to us for options like:

  • Medical-Grade Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Care
  • Restroom Sanitization
  • Pressure Washing
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Move-Out Cleaning
  • Day Porter Services

No matter what services we provide, we add in the peace of mind that comes with our line of eco-friendly chemicals. Green Seal certified, biodegradable, responsibly packaged, and free from known carcinogens and volatile organic compounds, there’s no better option for a non-toxic, green clean. 

Contact us for more information about arranging cleaning services for your business. We proudly serve Honolulu, HI, and the surrounding areas.


500 Ala Moana Blvd Building 7, Suite 400 | Honolulu , HI | 96813 US | (808) 447-1769

About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning service franchise company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial service, building cleaning and office cleaning services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Coronavirus cleaning services and disinfection services available.

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