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Property Management Commercial Cleaning Services


Stratus was founded in 2006 as an altogether unique facilities services provider. Our goal is to deliver world-class commercial cleaning services and thereby eliminate the headaches frequently experienced by property managers as they coordinate external providers who care for their facilities. From business complexes, residential apartment and HOA facilities, and office buildings small and large, Stratus is able to handle any properties you have in your portfolio.

The Stratus Janitorial Service Experience:

  • Greatly reduced day-to-day operating difficulties through rigorous cleaner candidate qualification, increased training, enhanced accountability, and improved quality controls
  • Regular site inspections and written evaluations to ensure janitorial cleaning performance
  • Environmental responsibility, including use of the latest cleaning technology and Green Seal Certified commercial cleaning chemicals
  • Risk mitigation through sanitization and preventative approaches for infectious disease control
  • An integrated, full-service commercial cleaning service approach
  • Lowest total cost through competitive pricing, reduction of oversight costs and elimination of unnecessary services

Stratus Currently Services:

  • More than 300 million square feet of office space under contract
  • Greater than 99% year over year customer retention rate.
  • We offer our services in over 32 US cities nationwide
Commercial Cleaning Services for Property Management Buildings

About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Contact us today to see what our janitorial and office cleaning services can do for you!

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