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The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Services and Disinfecting Services

Office disinfecting service for covid-19 and flu

A global pandemic has actively shifted the way we think about cleaning. Businesses had to close. Some still remain closed, and others are just now slowly opening up. Commercial cleaning companies are in a bright spotlight as businesses need disinfecting services now more than ever.

When it comes to cleaning services, it’s easy for people to confuse commercial cleaning and disinfecting services. 

So what is the difference? 

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Coronavirus Cleaning Plan for Reopening Day and Beyond

Stratus - Back To Business Brochure 

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It’s Time to Hire an Office Cleaning Service

office cleaning company with disinfecting services

It’s Time to Hire an Office Cleaning Service

At some point, the threat of the coronavirus is going to pass. But the memory of this outbreak and the reality of that infectious germs are a part of everyday life, will continue to be with us.

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Coronavirus: Disinfecting Services FAQ

commercial disinfecting services cost

Until just a few weeks ago, few businesses, with the exception of Food and Healthcare related facilities thought much about disinfecting services for their shop, office, restaurant, warehouse, or even government facility. Well, we are now living in a new world defined by coronavirus COVID-19. But unfortunately, there's still a lot that business owners and managers don’t know about professional disinfection services.

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Disinfecting Services for COVID-19

disinfection services coronavirus covid-19

Stratus Building Solutions is your partner in coronavirus COVID-19 disinfecting services and deep cleaning service. Help avoid the spread of novel coronavirus by providing a one-time disinfection service or recurring disinfection services, sanitizing services or deep clean.

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About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning service franchise company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial service, building cleaning and office cleaning services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Coronavirus cleaning services and disinfection services available.

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