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#GivingTuesday Stratus Donates to Nature Conservancy

Our mission of environmental responsibility

Stratus Building Solutions donated to The Nature Conservancy @nature_org continuing our mission of environmental responsibility #GivingTuesday #green

Have you given today?

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Vinegar, the Natural Cleaner

November 1st marks “National Vinegar Day” for the US to pay homage to one of the oldest, traditional and one of the most natural cleaners known. As a type of acid made from fermenting fruits, Vinegar is non-toxic and effective in cleaning many of home and office spaces.

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VOCs and their Adverse Health Effects

Have you ever walked into a building and have it reek of bleach, Pinsol, or fresh paint and instantaneously you have a headache, eye irritation, nausea or become dizzy?  These symptoms are caused by exposure to VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) that are emitted by different materials and chemicals frequently used in buildings, most commonly cleaning supplies. Concentrations indoors are often 10x higher than outside, leaving many with short-term and can even have long term side effects.

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How to Recycle in an Office

America Recyles Day

The tips are designed to help office facilities develop more effective and comprehensive recycling initiatives. With a solid recycling program, companies can reduce their carbon footprint while also saving money.

“Now we want to focus on making recycling easy and consistent,” says Doug Berjer, product manager for CFR. “Many times, office recycling programs fall apart simply because staffers find them difficult to follow or easy to forget.”

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10 Easy Steps to Turn Your Business Green

10 Easy Steps to Turn Your Business Green, Infographic, Stratus Building Solutions
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The Green Investment: More than Just Technology

Emerging Green Industries

As the debate on global warming and the growing human population’s effects on the environment continue to rage on in Washington, businesses and consumers worldwide are independently embracing more environmentally and green practices as these issues are hitting closer to home.

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About Stratus

Stratus Building Solutions is a leading commercial cleaning franchise company providing the most comprehensive green janitorial service, building and office cleaning services in the industry, allowing business owners to provide a healthier environment for their customers and employees. Coronavirus cleaning services and disinfecting services available.

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